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Our Manifesto

Our world is facing a mental health pandemic, with more than 1/8th of the global population suffering from a clinical indication. Based on cutting-edge scientific research, rigorous case studies from various organizations, and our own beneficial experiences, we believe microdosing is a beneficial tool: both to better the well and to offer relief to those on traditional psychotropic medications.

Microdosing psychedelics has made a profound impact on countless individuals. Yet, limited research exists on the benefits of low-dose psychedelic use due to regulatory challenges and the novelty of such an approach.  Almost all current psychedelic policy focuses on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy using consciousness-altering doses.

Policies around psychedelic legalization do not differentiate based on dosage, which is a major oversight. Microdoses require a different context due to their sub-perceptual nature. For that reason, the practice of microdosing requires unique regulatory policies to accurately reflect the different ways in which it is used. By forming a policy around microdosing, we intend to increase accessibility to the benefits of intentional psychedelic use.

Each member of this collective has either been personally positively impacted by or supports broader access to the practice of microdosing psilocybin mushrooms with a structured supplement protocol and a clear intention for optimal well-being.

The Microdosing Collective wants to create momentum around changes to state and federal policy to support the legalization of microdosing, starting with psilocybin. We recognize that microdosing supplements are already being sold in many jurisdictions worldwide; and yet, the majority of commerce is unregulated and black market. We believe every human, if they wish, should be able to access microdosing medicine in a trustworthy and safe manner, with vetted and lab-tested products.

Our community is one of diverse backgrounds and various walks of life, all of whom bring personal anecdotes as to the benefits of microdosing and serve as ambassadors for education and advocates for legalization. Through our organization we will seek to expand access to those who may benefit from its use, welcome those from cultures for whom microdosing has been both a sacrament and a medicine, and seek to positively impact each community we touch.

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