Alli Schaper, co-founder

Alli Schaper is the CEO & Co-Founder of Into The Multiverse, an education-first ecosystem for all things fungi. Her mission is to rebrand functional mushrooms and encourage collaboration amongst the psychedelics industry. Alli's team created the world's first functional mushroom marketplace, The Multiverse alongside SuperMush, their in-house CPG brand. Alli is passionate about serving as an ally in bringing the future of psychedelics and microdosing to the mainstream wellness conversation.

Paul F. Austin, co-founder

Paul F. Austin is an entrepreneur, psychedelic facilitator, and microdosing expert. He has founded two companies in the emerging psychedelic space: Third Wave and Synthesis. Because of his pioneering work at the intersection of psychedelic use, personal transformation, and professional success, Paul has been featured in the BBC, Forbes, and Rolling Stone. Paul sees psychedelic use as a skill, one continuously refined through intentional use, mentorship, and courageous exploration.

Josh Kappel, co-founder

Joshua Kappel is a founding partner of Vicente LLP, where he has helped shaped cannabis and psychedelic policies over the past 10 years while representing leading companies in these emerging fields.  Recently,  Joshua co-authored Colorado's Natural Medicine Health Act, and served as chair of Natural Medicine Colorado. Since the NMHA passed, Joshua has been working on implementation through his role as a Senior Advisor to the Healing Advocacy Fund.  

John Downs, Executive Director

John Downs is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor within the cannabis and psychedelic industries, and a peak performance and mindset coach specializing in integration and microdosing. He helps entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and creative high-achievers transform and increase performance, ease suffering, and create lasting fulfillment by embodying their true purpose.  

Our Advisors

Courtney Barnes

Courtney is a devoted social justice attorney and leading trailblazer in drug policy reform, specializing in advising clients on regulatory compliance and risk management in highly regulated, emerging industries. She also serves as Policy Advisor for Decriminalize Nature, General Counsel for the Society for Psychedelic Outreach, Reform, and Education (SPORE), and Advisory Board Member of Heroic Hearts Project, Inc. She was a lead drafter of Denver’s Psilocybin Decriminalization Initiative (I-301) in 2018, and has unparalleled experience implementing state and local policy reform relating to the decriminalization of psychedelics and establishment of cannabis regulatory regimes.

Dr. Evan Lewis, MD

Dr. Evan Lewis is a Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist with expertise in pediatric neurology and epilepsy. He is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Pediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto. Dr. Lewis is the founder and medical director of the Neurology Centre of Toronto (NCT) and VP of Psychedelic Neurology at Numinus – a Canadian company focused on psychedelic research and therapeutics. He joined the Numinus team in September 2021 with an intention to explore the utility of psychedelics in the field of neurology.

Stephanie Karzon

Stephanie Karzon is a clinical pharmacologist with an established and evolving interest in neurology and psychedelics, as well as extensive career experience in business development and operations in the med/biotech industry. Stephanie is currently a scientific advisor for a number of projects, notably  for the Neurology Centre of TO by Numinus where she is collaborating on research projects. In 2022, she co-created Mt Mushmore, Higher Elevations, an educational and social initiative.  The objective of this monthly meetup is to encourage the growing conversation around mushrooms (both functional and psychedelic) and to provide education, opportunities, and connection for the curious, as well as for those in the industry.

Tracey Tee

Tracey Tee is the creator and steward of Moms On Mushrooms: one of the fastest-growing digital communities in the psychedelic space. M.O.M. offers a private monthly membership and multiple courses and offerings for working with – and healing through – the sacred use of microdosing psilocybin to mothers worldwide. Tracey was honored to be a guest panelist at the 2023 MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference and has been featured on NPR (twice) the Today Show, Good Morning America, Piers Morgan, Rolling Stone Magazine, CBS Saturday Morning, PBS, Psychedelics Today, ThirdWave Podcast, Psyched with Kaia Roman, NBC News, Romper Magazine, and The London Times. Yes, Tracey did appear on Dr. Phil to defend the right for moms (and anyone, really) to heal through Microdosing. It was the most psychedelic thing she's ever done.

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