We're cultivating community dedicated to legalizing microdosing. Whether you're a thought leader, researcher, entrepreneur, or have personally benefited from microdosing, join the movement today - and create a brighter future for all.

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Informing people about the truth of microdosing and psychedelics is central to our mission. Through educational webinars and in-person activations, we shed light on the many aspects of microdosing, sharing objective knowledge about the benefits and risks of this cutting-edge modality.


Current psychedelic policies do not differentiate based on dosage. This is why we formed the Microdosing Collective: to advance policies that enable adults to obtain safe and regulated microdosing products. Join us and let's co-create this new paradigm together.

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Community, education, and policy to promote a new paradigm for optimal well-being

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Different doses, different regulations

Psychedelic policy is rapidly changing, but microdosing has been left behind. We need to ensure the millions of adults already microdosing can do so safely and legally.

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Help unblur the lines between evidence and anecdote

We envision a world where sub-perceptual psychedelics are safe, legal, and accessible to everyone.

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Community, education, and policy to promote a new paradigm for optimal well-being


Alli Schaper, co-founder

Alli Schaper is the CEO & Co-Founder of Into The Multiverse, an education-first ecosystem for all things fungi. Her mission is to rebrand functional mushrooms and encourage collaboration amongst the psychedelics industry. Alli's team created the world's first functional mushroom marketplace, The Multiverse alongside SuperMush, their in-house CPG brand. Alli is passionate about serving as an ally in bringing the future of psychedelics and microdosing to the mainstream wellness conversation.

Paul F. Austin, co-founder

Paul F. Austin is an entrepreneur, psychedelic facilitator, and microdosing expert. He has founded two companies in the emerging psychedelic space: Third Wave and Synthesis. Because of his pioneering work at the intersection of psychedelic use, personal transformation, and professional success, Paul has been featured in the BBC, Forbes, and Rolling Stone. Paul sees psychedelic use as a skill, one continuously refined through intentional use, mentorship, and courageous exploration.

Josh Kappel, co-founder

Joshua Kappel is a founding partner of Vicente LLP, where he has helped shaped cannabis and psychedelic policies over the past 10 years while representing leading companies in these emerging fields.  Recently,  Joshua co-authored Colorado's Natural Medicine Health Act, and served as chair of Natural Medicine Colorado. Since the NMHA passed, Joshua has been working on implementation through his role as a Senior Advisor to the Healing Advocacy Fund.  

John Downs, Executive Director

John Downs is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor within the cannabis and psychedelic industries, and a peak performance and mindset coach specializing in integration and microdosing. He helps entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and creative high-achievers transform and increase performance, ease suffering, and create lasting fulfillment by embodying their true purpose.  



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As a federally recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, all donations are tax deductible and are used to build the movement to educate the public about a world where microdosing is legal.

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