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We envision a world where
sub-perceptual supplementation is safe, legal, and accessible
to everyone.  

Our Mission:

To develop legal policy regulating microdosing psychedelics for use as a wellness supplement, without needing a 1:1 guide present. 

The Microdosing Collective is leading the conversation about the necessity of legal, regulated, and safe access to microdosing. 


Our mission is to envision a regulated microdosing market that lowers the potential for abuse and reduces harm. 


There is already a thriving market for microdosing. We are the voice for stakeholders that desire to bring about an inclusive legal industry.

Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol or cannabis, and it hasn’t worked for psychedelics. 


The best win-win for consumers, policymakers, and businesses is a regulated and taxed industry providing “healthy normal” consumers, that are already flocking to try psychedelics, access through safe, low-cost, legal channels.

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