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An immersive musical and dancing experience, elixir bar, functional cocktails, light snacks, and mingling with epic humans that share our passion for mental health and legalizing psychedelics.

Why are we gathering?

To build community behind Microdosing Collective’s mission to increase safe legal access to psychedelic medicine.

Special Performance by @coleknight

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In lieu of membership, tickets are available for a tax-deductible donation of $75. All proceeds go towards efforts to #legalizemicrodosing.

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Recap of our last event at Denver Psychedelic Science

About Us

Formed in early 2022 after an inspired conversation about the need to focus efforts on increasing safe access.
Our goal is to ensure that sub-perceptual supplementation of psilocybin is legally available to anyone who wishes to use this practice for healing, performance, and overall wellness.

a picture of the 4 members of the team